Choose Tony as your
Website Designer



If you’re in the market for a new website you’ve come to the right place, but which editor should you use, and why do you need a professional like Tony?

Tony uses multiple and versatile platforms like Shopify, Squarespace or Wix for creating and hosting his amazing websites. Being suited to almost all businesses, these platforms have a fair few advantages.


So, why exactly should you choose TONY?



Not open-source like some other providers, it’s much harder to hack into and you don’t have to jump through a bunch of hoops to try and install security features or upgrade your plan to feel like your website and data are safe. Tony does everything for you right from the start. With enhanced security built into your website, and SSL included for your site, you get much more bang for your buck.


As well as being super secure, Tony makes it incredibly easy to use. It’s surprisingly simple to navigate the content management system and the interface makes it easy to add pages, text, images, video and other key components.

wix website design.jpg


Like WordPress and other providers, you can use templates. However, these templates are certainly not set in stone and not advised as each website needs to be tailored to your business. Tony can customise however you want using his design experience he will guide you in having the best website possible. With Tony you can really watch your vision come to life. 


search engine optimisation

One of the best things about these platforms are their SEO features. We all know that SEO is important. You need to rank well in order to get more visitors, and not everyone is an SEO expert. These platforms do the hard work for you, letting you know everything you need to help rank better and guiding you towards achieving it.

wix seo.jpg

tech support

Another great thing about these platforms ,which are often undermentioned, is the first rate tech support they offer. If you have a technical issue with the website or server hosting, you can just arrange a same-day callback and they’ll get right on the problem! Talking you through the issue and offering real-time solutions.

wix mobile editor.jpg

mobile editor

It’s 2021 and everyone’s on the go. We’re constantly on the move and a lot of content is consumed on mobile devices. It’s not just consumed on mobile though, you can also create it on mobile. With  mobile editor software Tony can create posts and change aspects of your website from his mobile device. Handy, right?

choosing TONY AS YOUR website expert?

Okay, so now you know all the great things about these platforms and why you should use them, but why do you need a professional?  


Why do you need Tony?


Aside from being a consummate professional and an all-round great guy, there are a few reasons why a professional web designer can be of great benefit.

I know what I'm doing

Designing to the next level!

You can create a website in Wix using a drag and drop editor, but it might not be everything you need it to be to be a success. Professional Wix designers don’t just know their way around Wix, they know their way around design. They can help you create the best website to incite action from customers and help your business bloom.

customising whatever you want

Custom, bespoke, tailored.... whatever you want to call it. I do it!

Another great point is that, yes, you can drag and drop your way to semi-success, but a professional designer can help you to fully realise your vision of the perfect website. They can customise the website to your specifications, suggesting ideas along the way.

i'm pretty friendly

Always happy :-)

I don’t bite, I promise. If you have an idea in your head, a designer is more than happy to help you make that a reality. Or, we can help to create the perfect website for you, suggesting ideas and guiding you through the process.  We’re generally pretty friendly, always happy to help and we love getting our teeth stuck into a great design.

Website Design Cost

That’s the big question, isn’t it? How much it all costs? It’s not as simple as giving you a figure range right here and now as there are many factors that affect the price. How many pages is it? Is it e-commerce? Which features will it use? How customised is the design?

No matter what your project is, big or small, I’m always happy to give you a quote. So, if you’d like to create some magic together just get in touch.