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Label Compliance

Your food is the star, our compliant labels are the cherry on the cake.


Food Labels and Nutritional Information

Compliant food labels are essential. But the headache that comes from trawling through reams of legal paperwork is not. With our bespoke labelling service, you’ll have more time to focus on your product, and you can relax knowing that your packaging will be up to scratch.


With a huge amount of experience in creating quality and compliant food labels, we’ll make sure your food labels tick all of the right boxes. Whether you need us to create labels from scratch, advise you on redesigning labels, or you just want to ask us some questions about your next product, we’re here to help.

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Are the labels on your food products compliant with current regulations?

All businesses that supply food or drink must be aware of their responsibilities when it comes to food labelling. You need to check that all current products hit the required standards, and if they don’t, you need to take action.


Your new product may be ready to go to market, but before you can get excited about selling, you’ve got to make sure it can hit the shelves. 

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Make sure the information on your food labels is consistent and correct across all channels.

Even though the small print can be an afterthought in communication strategies, when it comes to food, the small print is of huge importance. That means that everything from your website, online marketing, and traditional print marketing, to your training, policies and internal documents must be correct. Make sure any changes ripple through your entire organisation.

How can we help?

As well as helping you create and design your labels from scratch, we’ll work through your internal and external communication channels to ensure your whole organisation is compliant. With our expert market knowledge, checking that your products are inline with food standards is easy.


Are your foods sold internationally?

If you’re planning on expanding your business and exporting out of the UK, (or importing into the UK), understanding label compliance is absolutely essential.


Laws can vary between different countries and the hoops you have to jump through can be time consuming. If you don’t know where to start, it can put you off making the big move, even when your products are ready to be enjoyed by a much larger market.


Get ahead of your competitors and use our services to plan and prepare your food labels for sale anywhere in the world. Whether you’d like some advice on the legalities of a specific country, the steps you can take to ensure your products can be sold, or simply for us to handle the details for you, we’ll help however we can.

Our Food Labelling Services

With flexible food labelling options to suit your requirements, we can offer you the right service for your business.

Complete Food Label Package

We’ll do everything for you. From design and copy to creating the final proof, we’ll make sure your product labels are fully compliant with all relevant legislation.

Food Label Review 

If you’re unsure about your current food labels, and need some expert advice, we can suggest improvements and alter your existing labels rather than starting from scratch.

Creating bespoke food labelling for your packaging has never been so easy.